Automated Payments

Payment Processing for Restaurants and Bars

High-volume transactions in the food service industry mean you need to be ready to get lots of customers what they want and on their way. A credit card processing system from Authorized Credit Card Systems will make sure your restaurant or bar can handle a large volume of customers fast. 

Just Swipe and Go!

Customers with big demands and tight deadlines need everything quick—especially their food and drinks. Authorized Credit Card Systems can equip restaurants and bars for customers in a rush. Swipe-and-go technology means your customers can swipe their cards, sign their receipts, and get out the door. When time is a factor, the speed of your transaction can affect everything from the customer’s decision to buy to their satisfaction with your business.

Keep your customers in control of their purchases with an innovative credit card system.

Our Approach

Benefits for the Restaurant Industry

At Authorized Credit Card Systems, we have the expertise to fit our systems perfectly into your business.