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If you are a business owner, chances are you’ve had to deal with credit card processing in some capacity. Unless you have a PhD in Quantum Physics, it can be very difficult to understand. Even then, it’s complicated. Keith Miller, President of Authorized Credit Card Systems, has created a credit card and transaction processing firm that puts clarity and good old-fashioned customer service back into the equation. “As a firm whose sizable growth year over year since inception has been based on making the most difficult and problematic remain simple and easy…We educate and empower our clients…not confuse them!” states Keith.

Authorized Credit Card Systems simple approach to a complicated industry has proven to be a great commodity to business owners throughout Central Texas and for that matter, the entire State of Texas. As a result, Keith garners an unparalleled reputation merely through the number of referrals received from his customers. “We take great pride in earning every customers trust and growing our customer base through excellent service and super competitive rates…not through lengthy contracts, hefty penalties and hidden fees.” states Keith.

Let’s be honest. Credit card processing is not what it used to be and for many business owners, the process is not getting any easier, just more complex with POS and mobile processing. Most credit card processors including their sales agents, banks and telemarketing firms alike fail to properly educate merchants in understanding their processing fees opening the door for higher fees to the merchant and even higher profits for the processor. Hidden fees seem commonplace in the industry and most merchants would be surprised to learn the lack of industry knowledge most sales agents achieve before hitting the streets (or phones) seeking a merchants signature.

So what’s the good news? “Credit card processing in itself is not difficult to understand,” says Keith. “My philosophy flies directly in the face of the industry. An educated referral becomes an everlasting customer. I spend half of my initial consult with a new customer unraveling their confusion of the industry and the balance explaining how we can help bring a real strategy and plan to their payment processing. Both are by-products of building trust” asserts Keith. If you’re a business owner, it’s time to stop pouring and puzzling over monthly processing statements and join the ranks of those who trust Authorized Credit Card Systems.

From local independent restaurants to commercial giants, everyone is discovering Authorized Credit Card System’s honest and transparent approach to transaction processing. So should you! “We bring a strategy and solution to your electronic payment processing, we don’t just provide a commodity service,” Keith says. “We look at the big picture. You can open up a checking account at any bank, but don’t you want one that not only has your best interests in mind, but also has the best service and lowest rates and fees? We look at the whole picture and how we can help your business grow and succeed.

Every business is different, so it needs a solution to its specific challenges. We can do business nationally, but our focus and preference is to service the greater Central Texas area so we can make a meaningful difference to the local business community.”And customers are raving about Authorized Credit Card Systems’ outstanding local support and on site service. One of ACCS’ clients tells us, “We save money every month since we switched to Authorized Credit Card Systems in 2008. Before I reviewed our credit card statements with Keith, I just figured the high fees and poor service were just the cost of doing business. He examined everything – and we have been able to cut our costs each month significantly. Besides, whenever I need help with equipment, he or member of his team are onsite as quick as possible. That kind of service is just tough to beat, and so far, no one has been able to replace Keith and Authorized Credit Card Services at Howdy Honda.”

Still fretting about those merchant account problems? Stop right now and call Authorized Credit Card Systems, You’ll be thankful you did.

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