What is Interchange Plus?

Interchange Plus Pricing is a payment processing model where the cost of handling each type of credit card is clearly itemized, just like groceries in a store have their own price tags. Each credit card company sets different rates, and you pay the exact cost for processing a transaction with that card, plus a transparent fee for the payment processing service. This way, you see the real cost for each card type and understand what you’re paying for. It’s all about transparency and fairness in payment processing.

 Just like every grocery item has a different price tag, each credit card transaction has a different cost set by the card companies. With Interchange Plus Pricing, you know the specific cost for processing each type of card, and then you pay a small, clear fee to the payment processor for their service. It’s all about being open, honest, and making sure you only pay what’s fair based on the different card rates.”

Why it matters

Interchange Plus vs. Fixed Rate (e.g., Square):

Savings Potential

  • Interchange Plus: Potential for long-term savings by paying only the actual costs.
  • Fixed Rate: May have less potential for savings due to bundled costs.


  • Interchange Plus: Clear, itemized pricing for each card type, ensuring you know the real cost.
  • Fixed Rate: Typically offers a single, fixed rate, often with hidden underlying costs.

Cost Control

  • Interchange Plus: Allows you to adjust the fixed fee, providing pricing flexibility.
  • Fixed Rate: Offers a fixed, unchangeable rate, limiting adaptability.

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